Per Nguyen-JohanssonWelcome!

My name is Per Nguyen-Johansson. Nowadays working as a freelance journalist, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Ever since I started out at the California Lutheran University school newspaper, I have focused mainly on sports. During my 14-year professional career, I have covered everything from the Olympics to eight-division soccer. Written about the greatest teams and the smallest village clubs. Champions League winners and dedicated amateurs. All with their unique story.

Yes, soccer is my first passion. But no, there is no sport I would turn down writing about. Over the years, I have reported on cycling, table tennis, track and field, handball, roller derby, (American) football and so on. My next big project? A book, to be released in the spring of 2017.

I have a certain love for the long read, for painting the full picture. But I can also keep it short and snappy, if so required. Along the way, I have tried to look beyond the world of sports – I especially enjoy digging down in to history (the two subjects can often be combined, for instance in that aforementioned book). And I never shy away from a bit of travel writing. Especially not about Vietnam.

On this site, you will find my CV. And a ton of articles, all in Swedish so far… That does not mean that I can’t write in English, though. Far from it. Actually, I would love it. Newspaper, webb site or magazine – it does not matter.

If you are interested in hiring me for any kind of work, drop me a line at